Friday, April 1, 2016

Sew Chaotically! - McCall's 7093 top, another Morris Blazer.....AND...April Fool's!!!!

You may remember the super fab, Bentie selected, fabric plan: 

I thought it would be cool to just zip out another cute little top, especially since B had gotten me matching material...all handy like!!! was not to be!  The freshly purchased, perfectly matching, mauve fabric from HANCOCK'S (now going Out-of-BIZness in my location!!! Shocking right????) was permanently stained...despite all sorts of treatments and 4-5 washings!  What to do? Well...I had a bit of grey, light weight suiting, from which I had already cut a Morris Blazer.  So....April Fool's!!!  NOPE!  Not me!  Foolishness foiled with facile fickle fabric function!

I actually like the more structured appearance of the "men's wear" material in the sleeves with the super light weight....I know not what fabric...that was gifted to me some time ago.

With that naughty April Fool's Day prank avoided....What could possibly go wrong???  Hmmm.... I present:  Morris Blazer No. 3 (Here's a link to prior Morris adventures:  Spring/summer sewing: Lissette passport and Morris Blazer

Beautiful, yes? had been perfect.  And I mean PERFECT!!!!  Not a difficult thing to stitch up.  But, it was my third...and the most difficult part is making a strange, yet perfect corner for the collar.  And this one? A thing of beauty!  One go.  No puckers.  No questionable edges.  Perfection.  Until the April Fool ironed (read:  MELTED!!!!!!!!!!!!) it! you may observe...  Currently that melted mess is on the INSIDE of the blazer.  When it happened...not so much!!!  Yep.  Scorched the sucker (Pic doesn't look so bad...but trust me...M-E-L-T-E-D!!!!!)...ON THE OUTSIDE...while pressing the seams.  Now, normally....despite my rapid fire, impetuous nature...I am cautious in ironing material new to me.  BUT IT WASN'T NEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Do you see the top up there????  I had just made it...and pressed it...with NO PROBLEMS!!!!  Oh, well.  Press on the inside first folks!  Lesson learned.  Soooo....  How did the outside problem become swept under the inside (Yeah, I know...NO UGLY INSIDES!!!  What evah!) rug???  I took the whole bloody Mutha Fahkha (Well, at that point it was only the shoulder and side seams and the ABSOLUTELY PERFECT COLLAR....already SERGED by CRACKY!!!!!) apart.  Luckily, the fabric was completely reversible.  And, no....  The collar is not as perfectly perfect now.  Jeeze!  I was dealing with a quarter inch seam at this point people!!!  But, my new edging foot is AWESOME!!!!  And, I am well pleased with it.

Not sure I'll ever wear them together...but...  April fool?  Well, a bit.  But, I survived!!  And you thought...Sew CHAOTICALLY was me just being cute???? - c


  1. Both garments look awesome! I can't see the scorch marks at all? But, I'm sorry for your pain and suffering!

  2. It really is melted. significant pain and suffering...I'm just being funny and dramatic! Hee hee!!!