Thursday, April 28, 2016

Sew Chaotically! - Cute little summer dress ~ McCall's 7242

There's always a story!!!  (And boys...Mat, Ed, Josh, guys...I know this is not your thing...but...keep'll like it....)  Here's the inspiration:

The pattern:
Initially, I was planning to make View C...the sleeveless longer version.  I know...not in keeping with the inspiration, now was it?  So, fate intervened and somehow (I think I had not paid attention to the width of my fabric when purchasing) I didn't have enough material for the maxi length.  No worries...make view A...more like the vision anyhow!  That was not as easily done either, since I found a long random flaw in the fabric!!!!  A very soft washable cotton, perfect for the vision, in color, print and Jo-Ann's from Jo-Ann's.  It turned out to be both easy to work with and....well...'FLIMPY'!  Not familiar with the word?  Here's THAT story:

Brent and I went to Greece, about a year after getting married, in 1989.  We had a wonderful time.  Years later...we went back with the kids when they were in their early teens.  We were catching a flight out of Nashville and spending the night there before take-off.  Rosie and I carefully packed for the trip and made a special 'Nashville Bag'.  One we wouldn't have to take with us that would have all we needed for Nashville and the flight over.  It was Athleisure before the term was coined!  Comfy but cute for the trip, usable for workouts and jogs once there.  It was AWESOME!!!!  Along about has been reported that I let out a huge gasp!  Three startled faces stared at me confused about the problem.  Suddenly, one face crumpled and erupted in a bit of a scream!  (Roo!!!)  The two male faces remained utterly confused.  We did not have the well-prepared, perfectly curated, "Nashville Travel Bag" with us!!!  Explanations were given and demands to return to Chattanooga to  fetch it were made (by two of us)!  Responses were a polite, but a little excessively firm, "No!!!!  We'll stop at Walmart!"  OMG!!!!  Never, never, ever, ever shop at Walmart in Manchester, TN!!!!  The sizes range from large to huge!!!  Rosie and I finally managed to find some exercise capri's, cami's and sweaters.  Fred was tricked out in red, gigantic, nylon of the worst sort, basketball shorts (that he could have sagged with ease) and some sort of t-shirt.  But, B!!!  He went all out:  Faded Mom-Jean-SHORTS, with a Western-wear plaid shirt, replete with pearlized snaps, and flimpy socks!  There it is again ~ 'flimpy'. Yep, flimpy socks are made of very thin nylon (black in this case) that could easily be made to reach ones thigh, but that he preferred to roll down, much as your great aunt or grandma did her hose, somewhere along mid calf.  Flimpy as they were, they were constantly being "eaten" by his shoes, necessitating many adjustments in airports across the globe and were accordingly dubbed: FLIMPY!

So, yes this fabric was indeed flimpy.  Quite maneuverable when putting in sleeves, but less than stable when working on a collar or hem.  Indeed....once you have dealt with 'flimpy' you will know it forever.

There you have it.  A flimpy little summer dress.  I think it lived up to the vision rather well.  Wore it to work this week with a woven leather belt at the waist.  Lots of compliments.  But only you, dear readers, got to know about.....FLIMPY!!!!

Sew and travel chaotically!!!!! - c


  1. So much like your vision! And flimpy can be good, since I'm translating it to be "drapey" in this situation!

  2. I like it!!!Also, I'm able to add anew vocabulary word...FLIMPY!!!