Sunday, April 17, 2016

Sew Chaotically! - and Appalachian spring beauties.... my own backyard!

Wood Poppies
Bleeding heart
Fairy Pagodas....yeah, yeah....I know they are May apples...but I prefer Fairy Pagodas!!!
Virginia Blue Bells
Wild Azalea

Jacob's Ladder

Thyme Leaved Bluets down by the creek.

Crested Dwarf Iris

Nature's random plantings are so much better than any we can contrive!
My beautiful cherry trees...planted by B....that time when I almost made it 5 years NED!!!  2003 to end of 2007. should see what's he's planting now!!!  2010 - TODAY!!!!!

Then, just for spring sewing fun.....there was this: 
A bright crazy knit elastic waist skirt just because!
I thought I did some good side seam matching....considering!

A tale of two tops!


And Roo's....It is just so easy and fun to sew up this top.  And I had extra material...and Rosie has always loved the floral print that has long lived in my fabric  Plus, I made her another little stretch corduroy skirt since she had worn out the purple one I made her a year ago!!  Don't know if she'll wear them as a set.....but she's got options...

And so exciting!!  She finally got her 'real' bedroom set up with the quilt and curtains I made her here:   Sew Chaotically! home decor

Hoping your spring is beautifully chaotic!!!  Much love, c

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  1. Your spring flowers are so beautiful ~ And I love your spring looking sewing projects as well! Rosie's bedroom looks fabulous and that quilt just makes it perfect!