Sunday, October 4, 2015

Sew Chaotically! - Last of summer sewing

Patterns involved in my last 'summer' sewing of the year.
I purchased McCall's M6959 with material and binding for this dress as well as a bright red and yellow print and pattern for Ruthie to make last year!  The intention was to use them for view A, which Ruthie rapidly and dutifully did, reporting that it was the best wrap dress pattern she had ever made...feeling that other patterns had not come together so easily nor fit so well without gaping and sagging in unfortunate places.  So comforted, it was still a year later before I got going on mine!  As I began cutting mine out, I realized that given the width and linear pattern of my material the full version 'A' was NOT an option.  So....after much pondering, I cut the bodice as shown, doing my best to match things as well as I could.  And while the pattern does not provide a straight sleeveless version using the seam binding, I was set on doing it!!  Overall, I think it turned out pretty well. I agree that it sits and hangs well and have even worn it to work with no wardrobe malfunctions while dealing with busy kiddo's.
Pretty proud of matching up those lines!!!  It was certainly a learning experience regarding picking more appropriate fabric/prints for your plans!
This is material Ruthie gave ME for my birthday, THIS year. least I was a little more timely with this one!  It is New Look 6053, view c.  It was a super easy little skirt.  I may take up the waist a little more on other versions, but I like that this one sits lower on my hips in this maxi version, than I may prefer for a shorter skirt.  I really love this material!!!!
Somehow I never posted this skirt made a couple of years ago.  It is Simplicity 2451, version B.  It went together very easily, though the tweedy, upholstery fabric was on the edge of appropriate for the pattern as it is rather thick with NO give.  The way the pockets come together with the front piece and the yolk is super cool and easy but was pretty thick, creating a smaller fit, than would have been with other softer and more giving material. But, I like the way the gores hang with win, I think.
This version is view c from the same pattern.  I cut the waist a bit larger given the tightness of the prior skirt experience, but with the tucks to the front and lighter weight material, I ended up cutting it back down to size.  I really like this pattern, but next time I will attach the three pieces of the waist band (two to the back, on either side of the zipper...and one to the front) to the skirt pieces FIRST, rather than sewing them together into a band that you then attach to the 'finished' skirt.  That way I can do up the side seams in one go and it will make waist adjustments for fit much easier.  Much in the way the Simplicity 1541 Amazing Fit Skirt puts their skirt together.  Why it took me two times before I figured this out...don't know.  But, at least it came to me in the end!!
Inordinately proud of my little piping trim!  It's the small things!!!  Learning as I go. But, these pieces are fun wearable things that I like. So, that's a good thing! Sew chaotically, y'all!!! Love, c

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