Thursday, October 1, 2015

Five years NED = Five whole pies and then some!!!!

By way of explanation for those of you unfamiliar with my pies... 
"Brent found a sweet and touching way to deal with and mark off my treatments as they were completed, especially when he could not travel with me to get them.  PIE!  Frozen apple pie, that he would reheat in the oven just before I got home....carefully cutting away the appropriate amount, but leaving "1/2 DONE!" or "3/4 DONE!" as we made it though.  Ruthie and I came to depend on those to light our way to progress."  
From:  What to say and do (and not) for a cancer friend

That's right!!!  5 whole pies!!!! Bentie, you are cray cray! I love you.

And then there was an engraved goblet, wine and a sweet puzzle.....
Can you read it? "Lessy equals 5 plus or more NED!!!!!"  We used to share pictograms like:  EYE HEART u! is BLUE!  What a beautiful surprise!  Thank you.

Really!  Who has a rainbow they can DEPEND upon???!!!!  I DO! 
"Hope flies on  dragonfly wings.
                 Thin glitter
     whisked with the breeze.
                         Such a tiny, delicate song..."
Such beautiful love and gifts, from near and far.  Much love, Jeanne and Kidlet!!!  
 And from my musical guru:  Dondiablo and Madonna - ghosttown remix

And that's just the tip of the ice berg.  A girl has never been more blessed!  Melanoma since 2003.  After Stage IV and Nivo adjuvant trial....NED since October 2010.  Love and care much more than deserved.  Thanks to all of you who have, each in your own special way, carried me through.  Much love - c 

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  1. Lordy, that's a lot of pie! One day they will be stacked up to the ceiling! :) Love your pictograph wine glass! And you definitely deserve all the love and care and so much more! <3