Saturday, March 4, 2017

Happy New Year!! It's March Forth!!!

I'm weird.  I know it. But, I make complete and total me!!! My favorite day is here. MARCH FORTH!!  I am so incredibly blessed to be here to celebrate it....again.
Here's a review:

2011: 3/4/11 - March Forth!!!!

2012: anti PD1 update from Moffitt

2013: March Forth...again!!!!!

2014: My favorite day ~ March Forth...with a special pic/vid for J& F!!!!

2015: Long term melanoma survivors....MARCH FORTH!!!!!

2016: Endobronchial Melanoma "Little is known...." Hear ye, hear ye....MARCH FORTH!!!!!

Spring always seems the best time to celebrate and glory in the New Year. And while I have recently lost dear melanoma peeps, felt inadequate to remedy the hurt and pain of too many of my little charges at work, looked around and had the sinking feeling that the world and its leaders have gone completely mad - the beauty of nature, and love of family and friends surrounds me still.

In appreciation of all the gifts I have been given, I send warm sunshine, delicate blooms, and the intrepid spirit that Mother Nature gives and instills in all her living each of you.
March Forth!  love, les


  1. Had to note...
    On reading this post a dear one of mine said, in part, "No mention is made of the size of those steps as long as we march forth. This year's however were huge."

    Indeed they were, my friend. I am so proud and happy for you.'re right!! There are times when size does matter!!!!

    Much love, c