Saturday, October 24, 2015

Trial to test aspirin's ability to prevent cancer relapse...

You may remember this recent post:  An aspirin a day keeps melanoma at bay and makes immunotherapy work better!

Basically, we have known for a long time that NSAID's (and aspirin in particular) helps prevent a variety of cancers.  Further, in the study included in my post, genetically engineered mice attained greater benefit from immunotherapy when given NSAID's along side!

Now, there's this:

"Cancer Research UK and the British National Institute for Health Research are launching the Add-Aspirin Phase III trial with plans to recruit 11,000 patients who have been treated or are being treated for bowel, breast, esophageal, prostate or stomach cancer.  The study could run for as long as 12 years as researchers monitor the effects of daily aspirin use for five years on cancer."  Here's the link:  Large trial to test aspirins ability to prevent cancer relapse

"Researchers plan to split participants into three groups: one-third of the participants will receive a 300 mg aspirin tablet each day; one-third will be given 100 mg tablets; and the rest will receive a placebo. Doctors and patients will not be told which of the treatments the participants are given.  The participants will be closely monitored for any effects on their health, most significantly whether their cancer has come back."

While melanoma is not included here...I think this could provide a lot of good information for all of us.  Good luck, ratties!!!! - c

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