Saturday, March 14, 2015

3-14-15 = Happy Pi Day!!!!

3.1415!!!  The best pi day in a hundred years, so I'm told by nerds I love!!!  Perhaps March 14th of 1592 may have been better, but we weren't around for that one and I'm not sure pi was either!!!  So, what does one do on and around the best pi day in a lifetime??????

Trim roses.  Pull weeds and newly hatching acorns from various beds to ready them for spring planting.  Add soil to said beds as needed.  Create a new bed....just wait til you see the hostas and ferns that will be so beautiful there, Bentie!!!   Finish a special dress for a purple durple:

Learn that double yolk eggs can hatch into two normal chicks.  That shamrocks grow from a rhizome like affair.  Can be planted outside, but should be taken up in the winter (at least where I live).  And if you keep them inside, they need a couple of periods of dormancy in a cool dark place with little water a couple of times a year.

That the White Wine for Dummies book is a good way to learn about wines.  While Wine for Dummies, Chardonnay is....surprise, surprise....for DUMMIES!!!

Study radiation combined with immunotherapies...and why the combo is more effective than radiation alone in melanoma.  (More on that later.)  Learn the geography and history of Chechnya.  It's a wonder that any humans live there.  How is it that Putin is still a free man?  Finished "A Constellation of Vital Phenomena" by Anthony Marra.  A most horrible and wonderful book.

Create a really delicious and amazing goat stew.  Yep, goat stew.  1 pound goat pieces hacked up as they do at DeKalb.  Sprinkle with curry, cayenne, coriander, cumin, ginger, cinnamon, salt and pepper.  Marinate in fridge about 12 hours.  Sear pieces in olive oil.  Add chopped onions.  Cook until a bit softened.  Add a splash of red wine, canned tomatoes, and beef stock to pan.  Place covered, in low oven (around  250) for as many hours as you least 4.  Roast carrots and potatoes sprinkled with peri peri pepper, lime juice and olive oil til almost tender....whenever in this process you prefer. Add to the roasting goat about an hour before serving.  Add a little water or chicken stock at this point if it is looking dry. Serve and enjoy!!!  It really is good!

And of course, there was PIE!

A constellation of vital there any better definition of life?  Well....maybe it SHOULD include an option for some of the NON-vital components.  Cause that's sometimes the stuff that makes mine complete. Love to you all!  Happy Pi day!! - c


  1. Love the purple dress! That fits Rosie perfectly! Ummm... Goat?!

  2. Tasted like chicken!! HA! Nah, not really. But, it WAS good!!!