Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Songs that make movies worth watching...and romantic!!!

I've always loved and easily remembered tunes and lyrics. Once when I was a little girl I cried because I couldn't remember the multiplication tables.  However, I insisted that if only they were a song I would have no problem!!! Yes, I hear the the elevator, the grocery store.  But when I comment on the song, folks I'm with often say, "What song?"  Yep, that's me...the sound man's girl.  Whenever and wherever I hear these songs, I can see the scene in the movie...NOT necessarily the scenes shown in the videos below.  Check out all the songs...and maybe some of the movies.  You'll hear how perfectly placed within the story they are. Some of my fav's....

The reason to watch GI Jane

The reason to watch Playing by Heart

Step Mom

Good Morning Vietnam

A Man and A Woman

Love Story

Last of the Mohicans

Pretty Woman

Mrs. Doubtfire


One more....from Phenomenon

Mr. and Mrs. Smith

Knotting Hill

Bridget Jones's Diary

And if the sound man's smart, here's what she'll be using next......

Joan Osborne....what if God was one of us?

Joan Osborn...Work on Me

Norah Jones...Turn Me On

Norah Jones...I've got to see you again

Sing out loud, sing out long!!!! - c