Thursday, July 17, 2014

Beware of sharks!!!!!

OK!  Between posts about T cells, the effects of anti-PD1 on them, subsequent effects in the brain, LAG3, and all the recent updates regarding Pembro, Nivo (Opdivo for heaven's sake!!), and the ipi/nivo brain is tired!!!  So....I just couldn't resist!  Check it out...

Not only do they bite....they might have melanoma!!!

Melanoma in the skin of a nurse shark.  Waldoch, Burke, et al.  Indianapolis Zoo

A female nurse shark, aged 27 years, had a 5.5 year history of a 6 cm black, raised, nodular skin lesion on the right side of her tail. The lesion was biopsied and diagnosed as a slow-growing melanoma.  The shark was euthanized due to systemic illness 4.5 months after the diagnosis.  No evidence of metastasis was found on evaluation.

Hmmm....I'm thinking sun exposure was not involved.  Who knew?  Be careful with fun in the sun...for LOTS of reasons!   - c


  1. Considering how we all refer to our melanoma incisions as "shark bite", this story is especially ironic or coincidental or something. :-)

    1. It's something alright!!! Hang in there!

  2. Why did it never occur to me that animals get skin cancer too? Must go pour sunscreen in the water to protect all the sea life!