Sunday, June 15, 2014

Thanks to the best Daddy......EVER!!!!!

Thanks, for all the pumpkins....

Even when they were weird inside....

And power tools were required....

For ALL the pumpkins....and for putting up with the goblins that came with them!!!!

Thanks for a tiny, diaper-less pool!

Thanks for learning to saddle and bridle an ornery mule....

And loving those beige socks!
Thanks for worrying when I ate bird poop....

And worrying when I did other things!

Thanks for arranging special fishing trips...even though we had to keep waiting for the hung-over captain to finish barfing.
Thanks for putting up with kids who often looked like this.
Thanks for having bad we could all have Bad Karma.

And you know, your Z baby loves you, too!

Thanks for all the fun.  For all the trips you made sure we got to take.  For all the pictures.  For laughing with us when you almost broke your leg hopping over the bench to get in the picture.  For taking care of all of us.  For being the strongest man we know.  For being a constant.  For letting us know we are loved.  For being the best Daddy ever.
Love, Fred, Rosie, Zeno and Karm