Wednesday, May 7, 2014

22 for Roo...the keeper of the dragonfly....

So proud of the work you've done, the amazing woman you've become.  You've stood up for those in need.  You've brought smiles when they were needed most.  You've reached out to others, near and far, in honesty and hope.  I really can't say it any better than this:

Jeanne and Kidlet.....

As Jeanne points out, they say that when Pandora opened her box, releasing all the world's horrors of suffering, work, and illness, the last thing to flutter out was not terrible at all.  It was the shape of a dragonfly.

You have made the story real...for many. The integrity, pain, joy, and beauty your writing carries are gifts worthy of the dragonfly indeed.  I cannot wait to see where such truth and generosity of spirit takes you in the coming years.  The world is lucky to have you, my girl.  And, I?  Beyond blessed, as you "keep ever burning before my vagrant steps, the kindly light of HOPE."

Happy birthday, baby.  I love you. (With just a few happy birthday night time pictures...this time, colored by daddy!) - mommy

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