Monday, February 24, 2014

Cancer survivor, runner, and bad sports! BUT...... amazing runner and video tape will prevail.  Bottom a 3,000 meter event this past Saturday, Grunewald ran an amazing race.  Check out her personal history here:

Grunewald....runner....cancer survivor!

Now, nothing against Hassay...the little blond in pig-tails in the coming video...but she didn't like losing.  So when Grunewald sprinted to an amazing finish and a beautiful win, Hassay....possibly under the influence of ego inflated coaches....filed an official complaint, stating that Grunewald purposefully tripped, knocked, blocked....whatever you want to call it....her in the next to last lap....  Well... Look for yourself.  And watch a cancer survivor leave the entire pack of amazing athletes in the dust!!!!

No! REALLY! Watch this girl run!!! 

So...not an expert...but have to say....I've watched A LOT of races!  Seems to me, Hassay stepped out of HER lane and swung her right arm wide HERSELF!!!  And, besides.....Grunewald LEFT you, honey!!!!  But, that complaint had Grunewald stripped of her win within hours after the race.  BUT....just as officials were about to rule, Hassay withdrew her complaint and the win was returned to Grunewald.

Good grief!  What a bunch of silly noise about a race that was never more clearly won!  Glad the winner is back in the winner's seat.  Glad she is a two time cancer survivor.  This little kerfuffle is nothing SHE can't handle.  Keep on runnin'! - c


  1. That was AMAZING! Despite whatever load of hooey the announcers said, they were all flying at the beginning of the race, but then to finish like that...WOW!

    1. I KNOW!!!! I'd like to see that boy announcer just TRY to keep up....for just the first couple of laps!! They were NOT jogging....even then!!!!