Thursday, June 7, 2012

Why is there ALWAYS...

...someone with diarrhea of the mouth, speaking loudly, and nonstop, on the plane, several rows behind you? This is a conundrum I cannot answer, but so it was today. I mean NONSTOP..for hours! I tried to be forgiving in my heart...mind?...because she may have been trying to entertain younger children during our bumpy flight...while they SCREAMED in unison, at every jostle...the ENTIRE time! Oh, well... scans of last week were negative for any lumps, bumps, tumors, or other bad stuff per the radiologist and the Brentster. Today we made our requisite mad dash to Atlanta to board said flight to Tampa. Apart from bumpiness amd chatty girl...things were relatively uneventful. Selected our rental car very carefully...based on the one with the least offensive smell...Nissan Versa...and made our way through blustery winds and an overcast sky to Maderia Beach for a what turned into rather significant rain...and a nice dinner at Waltz. Only one kink there..or maybe two...they were out of Gulf Shrimp, but had plenty of almonds to put in their overly sweet slaw...sorry Waltz, but there is only TRUTH in advertising here!!!!!!...which, yes, I discovered by eating a bit of. B was out to the car like a shot and returned with benadryl. But for a sketchy feeling in the back of my throat, things went ok and resolved quickly. On the positive side...the smoked fish spread was amazing! Should have left it at that! We may be back to Columbia next go round after this misadventure! We are now ensconsed in our lovely La Quinta deciding which questions to pepper the Wizard with tomorrow! Nite. -c


  1. I didn't know about the almonds! I'm glad that didn't get too serious!

  2. You know me! Gotta keep things intersting....has just made my throat feel weird. Should have asked l suppose....but who puts almonds in slaw??!