Sunday, June 5, 2011


I can hardly believe that I have spent the past 6 months going to Tampa (via Atlanta) more frequently than every 2 weeks! That alone...not counting injections, infusions, and side effects...has been something!!! Just keeping the laundry done, yard in some order, and bills paid...while traveling and working....has been quite the accomplishment!

Anyhow...Brent made the trip with me once again this past Thursday. We managed OK with only minor glitches at Alamo (The dude checking our car back in, in Tampa, had to have a big Tadah about a chip in the windshield...which was there when we got the lovely black Chevy Cobalt...along with all the other dents, nicks, and stains in the seats...requiring us to go to the office and deal with papers and office workers...WHEN WE HAVE A PLANE TO CATCH!!!!.....funniest statement....when the office worker quickly surmised that I was having none of this...was = "Well, he's new...". I said, "Yeah, well...I'm old! That chip was there already and nobody cared and all the cars you rent are crap!") and then, in the Tampa security line when they, in full view....I saw it!...placed a bogus bag in front of the passenger in front of us...and the screeners had to have major consultation, and call for back-up, and call for supervisors, and then hi-five one another and chat it all up, because they had found a "scary" dummy bag that I saw the guy put in there all the while. Thought you peeps were suppose to be on the look out for weird dudes shoving extra luggage in line...I saw it!! On top of that....PLANE TO CATCH, PEOPLE!!!!! THAT'S WHY WE'RE HERE!!!!!!!! However, even with all that, Brent and I did get an earlier flight home and got to have a really great visit with Rosie in her new place. She made us pizza and we had a great talk. Otherwise...the NP had no info...Weber is off at the ASCO annual conference. We will see him later this week. Had a nurse that was new to me, but I had seen her around and she did a GREAT job. No knee swelling. Side effects so far include, just a pretty impressive local reaction, as well as generalized arthralgias this go round. Mouth just feels weird, no specific ulcers so far. Walked 3 miles Sat and today while Brent and Z ran. Did about in the yard. And just caught up on stuff in general. Will be getting scans (CT's and MRI) tomorrow. Have leukophoresis and an apt with Weber Brent and I will be off to Tampa Thurs! (AGAIN!!!!!!!)

Travel lite - c


  1. You could write a pretty funny book about airport and rental car experiences! :)

  2. Reckon anyone would publish it?!!!! :>)