Saturday, March 12, 2011

Number 6

In some ways it feels like forever...but l can't believe l've been going to Tampa for treatments for 3 months! Anyhow, Brent and l had a pretty easy trip down Thursday morning. We played around town, driving along the coast, did a little shopping for some critters (a niece and nephew) with birthdays coming up. Had lunch at a little Greek place. Found a restaurant that Kik had recommended, but since they weren't serving til later, may save it for a special treat when (if) Ruthie comes with me again!

Friday morning we had an easy trip to the hospital. Things went smoothly although waits were longer since our first appointment wasn't until 0945. Since our flight out isn't until Sunday that was just fine. Dr. Weber seemed positive about things. Said that the most common problem being reported was fatigue, though he seemed to think that mine was mild since l am still working and exercising and such, giving me a 1 on a 4 point scale with 4 being the higher measure. He did confirm what Brent had said about the half-life of the medication reaching a steady state after/around the 3rd dose. Oddly enough, he was very happy about an enlarged lymph node that had occurred in my right groin after the vaccines in the right thigh last time. As Rosie says, "Yay, for awkward random lumps!" The IV start and blood draw went fine. Brent was worried about it since l will have to have an IV on Monday for the scans and two more for the leukophoresis on Friday. The injections were what they were. Leg hurts like a booger this morning! Nurse was nice, new to us. Saw the famed Jackie though, and Brent was able to thank her for all her help.

So...sitting here watching silly Yankees feed the sea gulls and the dolphins playing in the bay while l do my nebulizer and Brent runs. Some silly ducks are trying to pretend that a large puddle in a drainage ditch is a pond, though one of them said, "Gertrude! This is not how it looked in the brochure!" It's a beautiful sunny day and we are planning to explore a bit more of Tampa. Much love - c


  1. Sad for your leg! :(
    Smiley face for Gertrude though! :)

  2. Glad you got to have some fun!