Friday, November 26, 2010

I am thankful for loyal friends and family....

In others, I admire intellect, enjoy those who make me laugh, am inspired by those who are artistic, am warmed by those with a state of grace, aspire to those filled with warmth and compassion, and appreciate the hard working. Yet, those who steal my heart and suffer my ever lasting devotion, are LOYAL. Cancer (and probably any other sort of adversity) can weed out those lacking in that attribute quicker than you can say, "Lions, tigers, and cancer! Oh, MY!" I have been hurt by the sudden disappearance of those that I thought were close. Yet, I have found strength and sustenance and shining loyalty in some I loved and some I thought I only knew as coworkers or acquaintances. Those true and loyal friends and family have become a gift beyond measure and have surpassed any relationships I have ever experienced before. These are the dear ones who I know, if called, will come, at any time, day or night, no questions asked, no explanation expected. They will support me, or anyone I ask them to, right then, and forever. They make me feel special. They have my back, even when I'm wrong, or grouchy, or happy, or weak, or sad. They are more than rocks, they are mountains! And once found, you realize, they are often not just your mountain, but mountains of strength and unwavering support to many. I feel truly blessed and loved and thankful, for all of you in my life. And there is one, even more loyal than the best, who thinks I'm pretty with dark circles under my eyes and tubes in places no tube should be, who sees me when I am at my worst and finds me precious still, who has been with me through thick (though he recently admitted that he found that very "weird"!!!) and thin (and sometimes even thinner) who is my champion and my hero. And because Vince says it best....this one's for you..........

Sometimes this old world gets to me
I sure can be a jerk
But you always see the best in me
God knows you've seen the worst
You know when to let me be
Pull yourself real close to me
How to take my breath away
You don't care who's right or wrong
I know whose side you're on
It's more than the love that we make
It's what you don't say
It's what you don't say
What you...don't say.

I love you, Bent. Much love and you all -c


  1. We are all really thankful for Brent too!

  2. And I'm thankful for YOU!!!!! Happy day.

  3. I Love you too mamma, and everyone else who has made our world so much brighter!