Friday, July 13, 2018

Sew (and live) Chaotically! ~ TURTLES!!! ~ made up in a Hollyburn skirt and a Polly Top to go with!!!

First....there was melanoma.  Then - there was Sally!!!

Here's the back story:  Inauspicious Beginnings

And the pics:  Sally the Loggerhead Turtle

And more pics:  Beach Scenes

Yes, turtles (and dragonflies) are now an intrinsic part of my life and part of the fiber of my family and friends.
Yentle Garden, around Yertle Creek, sports its own turtle (X's 3!!) figurine!  Creek designed by nature, but controlled and turned into a beautiful garden by Roo (aka Yentle!!  HA!).  Here's one of it's early pics:  The tree
More recently, the turtles continue!  As I turned into the drive just the other day, I glanced over to the new garden plot we've added and this is what I saw!  I laughed out loud!  B is one crazy dude, but very good at watering my plants, tolerating my whims, and ever so cute in his bow ties!!! 
Then, a few months ago....I got this beautiful surprise!!!
It was from Ruthie!  She does the BEST wrappings!!!!!  
They are always beautiful, perfectly match their contents, and contain the most amazing gifts!!!  Look at this TURTLE fabric!!!!
Sew ~ after pondering my precious turtle fabric for a bit, its destiny became clear.  I decided it would make a perfect Hollyburn skirt (Sewaholic) and needed a little Polly Top  (By Hand London) to go with! The Polly is bound with my own bias binding and the basic quilting cotton (chosen because I liked the color combo) did not like being eased into the curved bodice, wanting to gather instead.  I let it be, leaving some gathers evenly placed at the curves!  I cut the front of the Hollyburn skirt on the fold rather than in two pieces as prescribed by the pattern, so that I could place my turtles just so!!!  Had to shave off and reshape the sides a bit, but I think it worked!!!  Used my self constructed contoured waistband as mentioned in the post above.
The turtle fabric has the perfect attitude and drape for this skirt!!  
With fabric this fab, waste not want not!!!  There is a special baby on the way, where the love and longevity of the turtle plays a beautiful role as well!!!  May this turtle pillow provide cozy comfort for nursing, rocking into sweet dreams, and stories in the days to come!
With much love, my turtle collection continues to grow - all the bounty:  A turtle a day...  
And Ruthie hits a home run again with Miss Flora, nestled front and center!
Roo got a special prize, too!  It was right up her Owl-ly!!!!  Ha!  Are her flowers not beautiful????
With Ms. Turtle living just beneath!
Sometimes life is a beautiful circle that defies anticipation or explanation ~ requiring only our belief in others, love, and...well, turtles!!!   -  love, les


  1. That was a perfect choice for the fabric! You look so pretty. I love Brent's new turtle couple ~ it looks just like you two!