Friday, July 1, 2016

Sew Chaotically! - Waste not, want not!!!

Since re-starting my sewing over the past couple years, one of my sewing machine table drawers remained filled with a pattern I cut out almost 20 years ago!!!  Yikes!  When looking for something, if I accidentally opened THAT drawer, I'd close it back super quick.  But....then....I decided....  What the heck?  I'll just make the thing!  It had originally been abandoned because the material, a true woven piece, in colors I still love, veered ever so slightly toward the gauzy side - something my prior sewing machine loved to eat, bunch up, and basically destroy!!!  However, Bernie has not been troubled by any such appetites, I still liked the material, and though the pattern was not my favorite (Never really was.  Just chosen because it seemed simple with no buttons or zips!!!), I figured it should be easy enough to quickly sew up a little summer dress.  Well....I had cut an 8, but knowing I'm bigger now than then....I stitched the back with 1/4 inch seams rather than the allotted 5/8ths.  I quickly saw that I really didn't need the extra space after all, and took in a fair amount on the side seams.  Once finished, it still hung rather like a shapeless tube, so...more taking in of the back seams.  Plus, the adding of snaps to hold it in place...not that the pattern acted as though that would be needed!!!!  So after all the fiddling.....

The photog was particularly proud that a necklace he had recently given me matched so well!!!
It's done!!!  Still not a real fav of mine somehow...but it is easy, cool and comfy and has gotten many compliments on wearing.  At least I don't have to fear that drawer anymore and it is now a nice home for buttons!!! Sew Chaotically! - c


  1. It's really cute! And yay for more drawer space!

  2. You are both sweet! I'm kinda 'meh' about it. But...tis done. Hugs!