Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Excellent Melanoma Presentation

If you like graphs, cool pics and fairly clear descriptions of how things work....this PDF is for you!!! (Click on the link below!!!)

2016 Presentation: Lessons Learnt - Melanoma - Academic Perspective

Presented by Paolo Ascierto, MD it covers:

  • Meta-analysis of outcomes in melanoma before 2011
  • Time line of drug approvals since 2011
  • Breaks down treatments according to mutational status
  • Breaks down targeted therapy:  including rapid response, return of disease on progression, OS in vemurafenib studies, how BRAFi impacts the immune response, how resistance develops, the impact of MEKi with BRAFi, OS graphs from the COMBI-d, COMBI-v, and CoBRIM trials, baseline factors that influence response.
  • Immunotherapy:  how it works, graphs from early ipi studies, the development of response criteria due to the use of immunotherapy, graphs of response patterns, graphs of response in pembro vs ipi study, OS graphs in study with nvio vs dacarbazine, time to response graphs with nivo, unconventional responses to nivo, pseudoprogression, the CTLA4 vs PD-1 pathways, graphs of results of ipi/nivo combo study.
  • PD-L1 expression:  correlation with response, OS and PFS
  • Changes in the target lesion with nivo alone vs ipi/nivo combo
  • Immune related side effects
  • Changes in the target lesion in nivo/ipi vs pembro/epacadastat
A great review, clear graphs, a well done picture of the path we melanoma folks have traveled with a look to the future.  Way to go, ratties.  Thanks, Dr. Ascierto. - c

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