Thursday, September 17, 2015

Sew Chaotically! - Home decor!

I've posted my sewing adventures on this blog from time to time and am always very tickled when folks notice and/or comment, likewise for my crazy cooking commentary.  My peeps have encouraged me to develop a separate sewing blog...or to write a cookbook.  I've thought about it...but...  Blogging takes considerable time and effort.  I can't tell you the number of blogs I've followed that rapidly disappear.  Nothing.  Finis.  No more...anything.  And...who knows?  That may happen here as well. But, for's the deal.  I know, by a huge percentage, that folks check in to learn the latest on melanoma and its treatments.  That's great and that will continue.  However, those folks are probably not interested in cooking an octopus or black silkie chicken....and I understand that.  By the same token, those who are interested in cooking and sewing may not be so interested in the latest research on melanoma. SO....welcome to the new installments:

Sew Chaotically! And..... From Someone Else's Kitchen....  

When you see these headings....take 'em....leave 'em...enjoy them as you will.  Here goes:
                       Sew Chaotically! - Home decor!
I had a great time making some things for Roo's new place.  The work was mine....but the inspiration and design were all hers.  It was fun.  Here's what we did:

Well loved fabric, previously used as pillow covers, got a new lease on life as a window covering!

Got a cloth napkin you like?

A few nips and tucks with ribbon ties attached and you have a cute chair cover!

Or a new pillow cover....

...with bright colored remnants for the back.

Prior inhabitants leave old, dull, floor length panel drapes behind?  Bleach them out. Chop them down to size.  Hem to fit.  Attach colored buttons that match your aesthetic and add interest.

Use the bottom of the curtains you chopped off to recover old pillows.  Top them with a crocheted front....

...if the cozy, country look suits you.

Got fabric scraps?  Make a "quilt"!  No, it's not really quilted.  Rather, it's pieced and backed with an old, but thick, fleece blanket all covered by an old sheet.

Bright yellow embroidery thread was used to tie all the layers together after the edges were stitched, but hadn't yet been placed in this pic.  (P.S. Getting a pic of an entire quilt is hard!)  And to pull it all together...the last fabric used to edge the quilt....

...was used in the curtains made for the room.

A shower curtain, backed by a clear plastic one, hung on the same rod, was easy enough and lets you do things your way with window dressings to match if you like.  Thanks for letting me play at your place, Roo.  As for me....I'm looking forward to the next installment of Sew Chaotically! and the introduction of From Someone Else's Table.  Much love - c


  1. You and Rose really made her place something special!
    I love this new idea! Looking forward to the editions of Sew Chaotically and From Someone Else's Table! :)