Monday, September 14, 2015

Gregory of the great wonders of the world!!!

When I first heard folks speak of the "balds" in the Smoky Mountains....I envisioned some sort of open expanse of barren rock.  Boy, was I wrong.  They are lovely meadows, often on a peak somewhere, with no clear explanation for their existence.  Everything from cattle grazing, to lightning strikes has been hypothesized, but geographers and scientists don't feel that they have hit on the real origin.  I have no idea.  I am only in awe.  The 11.5 mile up and back to Gregory Bald in June is nothing short of one of the true wonders of the world. The hike itself is lovely through beautiful woods and climbing trails.  When you reach the top...the bald opens magically before you...covered in the most beautiful flame dazzling colors....with incredible vistas of surrounding valleys....  Words cannot do it justice.  It was more beautiful, surprising, dream-like, and incredible than the Grand Canyon.  If you ever get the opportunity, take it.  Until then....enjoy:

Hey, Bentie!!! C'mon down!!!!
- c

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