Sunday, June 10, 2012

Crazy fun....Morris style!

On Friday, at our favorite hour...the butt-crack of dawn...we went into Moffitt mode: B works out while I shower, then he brings my breakfast (coffee, yogurt, and a waffle he makes for me) to the room, gets ready, and we're off! We get labs, MD visit, treatment done. (Details to follow.) After the infusion, we zip away (not sure you can REALLY zip in a rental car) from Moffitt to the airport. Go through the ridiculous security...which I know is unfortunately necessary and a bit of a pain no matter where you go...but the Tampa airport manages to put a unique spin on their brand! Our return flight was quiet and calm...possibly because I slept part of it! into Atlanta at rush hour. For those of you who are uninitiated, traffic in Atlanta is like 12 lanes of the Indianapolis 500...or a parking lot...sometimes simultaneously...there is no in between. Since it's even more so at rush hour, we decided to have supper and grocery shopping at DeKalb Farmer's market for fun and to allow the traffic to dissipate a bit. Delicious! Roast lamb, fried chicken, long beans with mushrooms, turnip greens, dal and rice, all for just a few dollars from their cafeteria style line. After picking up some wine, hormone free chicken, lamb, scallops, green beans, beautiful egg plant, yellow heirloom tomatoes, beets, arugula, fresh baked bread, strawberries, and I don't know what all, we had a pretty easy drive home to Chatt town. We threw all our acquisitions in the fridge to be dealt with the next day and were settling down to sleep when we hear the "snake bark", a very distinctive howl, from Zeno. (He was bitten by a copperhead when he was a puppy and has never forgotten. Snakes worry him intensely! He's been wrong only once and his alarm was due to the longest, snakiest looking slug I've ever seen.) Brent runs out the front in order to pick up implements of destruction and I go out the back to check on Z from the porch. Yep! He's cornered a good sized copperhead. Amazingly, he leaves his quarry to join me on the porch...something he is usually loath to do, thus allowing B to dispatch the critter more easily. rest...

Saturday I prepped veggies, stored proteins for use or freezing, then B, Z, and I were off on a trail run. Z and I like them. Dashing down rocky jumbles, leaping logs, running on the walls of the gullies make us feel as though we are having a great adventure! We saw lots of deer tracks, gold finches feeding on wild thistle, and came upon a flock of wild turkeys. Plus, it's wooded and shady. The biggest negatives are spider webs, tics, and the risk of a turned ankle...totally worth it! After yard work, laundry and other hum drum chores I made scallops (dressed with a loose rub of ground garlic, coriander seeds, parsley, lemon zest and juice, red pepper flakes [have to get those in while I can!], and olive oil) just before searing; then placed on a bed of arugula lightly tossed with salt, pepper, lemon juice and olive oil; with sides of rice with shredded fresh basil; crisp, blanched green beans; and a salad of cukes, tomato, and yummy!

This morning was breakfast in bed from the Brentster (Julia eggs, coffee, and toast) complete with music by Joni Mitchell and Vince, and a poem from B.....

It is not mountains I want to move
     but molecules,
To uncoil the over wound spring of life
     and beyond.
Our fate is not in the stars,
    but in their atoms.
Interior, but as distant and cold. 
The spirit to see,
    the wisdom to unfold. 

Like I said....crazy fun...Morris style. Love you, Bentie! - c

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  1. I like Brent's analogy of outer space for inner space -- its fitting.
    Zeno is a cool dude. :)