Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Up and down info....

It's been a bit of a crazy ride around here, as usual! It appears to Brent and the local radiologist that the MRI of my brain has a treated met with no enhancement and is missing its prior 3mm what's it! So that's got to be good, right? There was concern noted about an area with "ground glass appearance" in my lung, right lower lobe, that per the radiologist was "probably inflammatory, granulomatous, or neoplastic in origin". I'm sorry, but that sounds more like a description of possibilities rather than probablities since he covered every disease process imaginable. At any rate, when Brent tracked him down in person and asked what he thought about it, he said, "Oh, I don't really think it's much of anything." WHAT? When Brent mentioned that I had asthma, he said, "Oh, well that's probably what caused it." The CT of the pelvis and abdomen were reported out as clear. The neck film was being reformated and its reading remained unrendered. When Brent, having been a complete basket case for the past, days, months, years...poor baby...asked about that, the radiologist said that the right cervical nodes were abnormal, though they looked exactly as they did in December and postulated that the old report might need to be re-written and corrected, but he was going to punt to someone else for that reading. Well...couple of issues.....(1)You're retarded Mr. Radiologist Man! (2) All we need is for things to stay the same as December. I mean...better is good, but we got into the study based on Weber's reading of my December studies and as long as nothing new develops, we're pretty sure I can continue. (3)Another radiologist gave the final reading of the neck CT and merely said, "No new evidence of metastatic disease", not commenting on the nodes at all. the end....things seem to be ok. But, it ain't over til the fat lady sings...and the only lady in this chorus is Dr. Weber in Tampa on Friday.

Brent is very hopeful that all of this is good news. Brent is convinced that the 3mm what's it in my head was, in fact, a met and its current absence means that the medications are working. That would be good because one would assume that it is working in all the other cracks and crannies where melanoma could be lurking.

Had very special guests and a rare treat yesterday when my sister Kik, and her husband Joe and daughter Becca were able to come up for a visit. Given busy lives and distance we have not been able to visit together too often in the past 10 years or so. It was great to be able to spend time with them. They headed back south toward Ruthie and both sets of parents today. Thanks for such a great visit guys!!!! Becca you are the most incredible piano prodigy I know!!!!

Have also been able to spend time with Fred-o! Bless him! He babied me and took me to my scans Monday. He spent the past two days cooking and cleaning and taking care of all of us! Poor dude! He's having the best Spring Break EVER!!!!! He's my cutie patootie and took me "running" (HA!!! Slow jog is more like!) for a little over a mile with Z today.

This round of meds, especially the injections, have been pretty yucky this time. Plus, the sinus infection that I had just beat back, reared its ugly head again. I even have proof on my MRI!! Anyhow, back in treatment for that and I am feeling better both from the meds and that as well!

Tomorrow Brent and I are heading for Atlanta and Tampa. We will having a meeting with Weber and then the leukophoresis on Friday. On the way home, we will land in Atlanta and pick up the Roo for her Spring Break.

So there you have it...will keep you posted with Weber's song on Friday! Much love - c


  1. I know you are worn out from all of those "ups and downs"! I hope Weber says all the best things and that the leukophoresis goes well with the perkiest of boobs! I love you!

  2. You always make me smile...a gift of incalculable worth!!! Love you!