Friday, March 4, 2011

3/4/11 - March Forth!!!!

My favorite date on the entire calendar!!! What other date could be so enthusiastic and optimistic?

Started my day with 15 minutes on the elliptical for 318 calories burned. Not exactly beast worthy (that would require 333!), but pretty good as a beast in training.....again! :>( Oh well, marching forth nevertheless!

Then, we got to have a fun trip to Atlanta to meet Rosie after she got out of class. She took us to one of her favorite new finds in Atlanta...H Asian market with amazing fruits and veggies...including many I know not what to do with....and every type of meat and fish! It was like a trip back to China town in San Francisco! We got to have a delicious lunch of Benito boxes and noodle bowls....It was GREAT! Rosie looked fabulous as ever...seems to be getting things under control after the wild rush her semester has been this time what with starting 4 days behind due to the crazy Atlanta ice storm. She's a trooper and makes us so proud!

Talked to Fred-o by phone today. He's churning out one paper after another! Looking forward to getting to spend time with him on his spring break in one week and then with Rosie in two weeks. Wish they could have fallen together, but we will have a weekend to share where they overlap!

Busy times coming up. Off with Brent this weekend. Then to work Mon-Wed. He and I will fly out of Atlanta Thurs to land in St Pete. We will have Thurs to putter about and end up in our hotel with a kitchen on the beach in Tampa. Friday will be the final treatment of this session, which is usually done by 1pm or so...then we can laze about that afternoon and all day Sat. We fly back to Chattanooga on Sunday am and get to see Fred-o. Monday is a day of scans. Kik may come for a visit on Tues. But I'll get to do around with Fred. Thurs, Brent and I are off again, leaving for Tampa around 5pm out of Atlanta, because Brent is going to work that morning. Friday will be a meeting with Weber and leukophoresis. But that evening, we will be picking up the Roo in Atlanta for her spring break as we head home for a weekend with both the binga-heads!!!!

So....a busy couple of weeks ahead.....MARCH FORTH! c


  1. Ha! I never thought about March forth! ;)

  2. Brent said it was rather autistic of me! But I've always thought that...ever since I was little. :>)