Saturday, November 11, 2023

Sew Chaotically ~ Jam Fits for fall and winter!!!

The Jammer has grown so much and is such a blessing to our lives.  He is such a joyous loving soul.  But the busy lil man needed some new togs for fall and winter, so Les les had to get busy!

I started with these little pants from a bizarre print a neighbor had pawned off and some nice stretchy denim that had unfortunately faded when stored.  Still they worked out well for wearable toils!  The pattern is Simplicity S9023.  While the pattern does not call for elastic at the ankle, I added it to be able to provide extra length without Lil Man tripping over it.

Three knit pairs followed, then two cords and a denim.  Though the knits were purchased with Jam in mind, the others were made from remnants in my stash. 

Next up were some tops.  This Brindille &Twig (19) lap neck tee goes together perfectly!

Little rugby tops made from scraps using the Brindille & Twig (127) henley pattern were next. I've found that the snaps I have used before on his baby clothes that are pressed in place with snap pliers do not hold very well.  So for these, I used buttons for cuteness with sewn-on snaps beneath.

More scrap busting here using McCalls M7827 for a little comfy cozy jacket!

I used the last bits of his knits combined with corduroy used in his pants to create a little jacket and vest using the Brindille & Twig (98) retro cardigan pattern.  I thought they turned out really well and he likes wearing them as they are easy and comfortable getting off and on.

And finally in this set, I had fun making this little sweat shirt, using knits I had left over from some batch sewing of circle skirts using my tried and true pattern, the Veronika Skirt from Megan Neilson, for Roo.  The sweatshirt pattern (along with a little dress) is included in the S9023 pattern.  I thought it was pretty cute with the addition of some embroidery!  So happy with how his little duds turned out and glad to find ways to have them all mix and match!

So much fun!!!  Live, sew and love chaotically!! - love, les

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  1. This cute little niblet has a whole new amazing wardrobe. Grandmothers rule!!!!