Saturday, January 21, 2017

Women's Rights are HUMAN Rights!!!! In Chattanooga and beyond.....

Chattanooga: Thousands of women, activists march in solidarity for human rights. [Headline Chattanooga Times Free Press with their photos below]

WOMEN’S MARCH ON CHATTANOOGA HELD SATURDAY  [Headline: WDEF News Channel 12, their photo below] “Thousands turn out for 2 mile march...”
And in case you haven't guessed it...  YEP!!  We were there!!!  

We marched along with the most civil and polite folks I've ever been grouped with.  The slogans and participants varied.  Here's a selection of what I saw:

Make America Kind Again!
Christians Build BRIDGES not WALLS!
Girls just want to have FUNdamental Rights!
Nasty Girl!
Healthcare for ALL!
Lift and protect each other
Equality for all!
Resistance is character forming!
Mujeres for America
Equal Pay for Equal Work!!!
Women make America GREAT!
Men with t-shirts saying, "THIS is what a feminist looks like!"

This march was not about who is or isn't the President.  Donald Trump IS the President of the United States.  But, WE are the PEOPLE....making it clear that at least some of us....actually, a great number of us....over 3 million nation wide...take a look at New York...

 ....are willing to use our voice, our time, our Saturday to say:  We are here.  One for the other. Patriots and advocates. In solidarity. To make sure that those in power...whoever they may be....understand that we are ONE.  No matter gender, creed, color, sexual orientation, religion, good health or poor... We stand TOGETHER...on this one planet...that we aim to protect...along with the rights of ALL its beautiful inhabitants!

How is it possible to find something that is partisan or filled with hate in that message?  - c


  1. Was asked to post this comment from my dear Jonathan who is experiencing some computer issues:

    “Yay Celeste! You are so right, it was a moment of unity and recognition of our simple strength and love - not hatred."

  2. Well done!
    Crossed same bridge last summer when visiting my daughter who was studying nearby for two weeks (she found it hard to adjust!)

  3. So proud of you, and all others who made a stand.