Wednesday, August 31, 2016

50 IS nifty!!! Happy Birthday Ruthie!!!!

Frankie had a wonderful idea and carried it off!!!  He got almost all of Ruthie's peeps to meet in B'ham to celebrate her birthday.  Shhhhhh......  It's a surprise!!!

Having gotten there a bit early, Rosie and I had fun exploring the fashions and ridiculous prices of Saks Fifth Avenue.

Look at my me-made Paris Dress flow in the breeze as we head toward our meeting place!


I think she was!!!!

Hee hee!!!

Me plus Ruthie....and THIS happens!!!

Amazing gift...

...also me-made....

....of wood...from Carla!!!  The girl's got skillz!!!

Cause the photog is weird and well....awesome shoes!!!  Plus Ruthie's dress!!!

Also a me-made!  By her!!!  You should see the things SHE sews!!  Beautiful!

Cause at 50 you deserve a BE-UUUU-TE-FULLY wrapped gift!  Hee hee!

Sisters in the house!

You're a good man Frankie!!!!

Awesome boys!!!  Love you Char and Sha!!!!!

Yummy lunch!!  You rock, Frank!

Looking normal...

...then this happens...

...then this!!!  Can't explain it!
Photog made it in the pic!  Thanks, stranger!
 Happy, happy day, Ruthie!!!  Thanks to all of you for great fun!  Here's to many more!!! - les

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  1. That was such a surprise! Y'all are all just the sweetest! :)