Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Springing Foward - chaotically!!!

Spring is surely special for everyone.  New chances.  New life.  New hope.  For we approach April and what will now be 6 years of blogging, 6 years post brain and lung mets, 6 years Stage IV melanoma - being graced with yet another spring is a miracle indeed.

To clear the melanoma elephant from the room: I am now on a yearly exam schedule with upcoming scans to be done in September followed by an NYU visit to The Wizard Weber.  I remain well, running or working out on the elliptical 4-5 times a week.  I've even been trying to up my game by adding more core workouts and longer exercise sessions generally.  Always good to discover (sore) muscles you'd forgotten you had!!!  I work 2 or 3, 12 hour shifts a week wrangling kiddos in my pediatric practice.  I still have flares of rashes and mouth ulcers...but they don't last too long.

I know this is far from unique to me, but I have trouble fitting my life into the space I've been allowed!!  Finding balance is hard.  Obviously, I still blog (and occasionally share on the Melanoma Research Foundation forum) the latest melanoma research.  It takes a great deal of time and effort.  I still harbor some trepidation about planning too far Rosie said as a little girl, "You can't get your hopes too high!"  Still, I'm working on it.  I have a few trips planned....and ever so many things I'd love to do.  Ultimately, I don't know how in the world to fit them all in!  I played the piano recently....something I haven't managed to fit in very much of...and to say that it was cacophonous, is kind!!!

I continue my reading.  I made a deal with B.  If he would read Herodotus, I would read Shelby Foote's Civil War trilogy.  I'd say I'm right in the middle.  I have no interest in the minutia of who took their troops this way with how many wagons, cannon and infantry.  But the personal back stories that Shelby tells so well, the incredible loss of life and essential conflict of race and rights that our nation managed to rise above (Or have we?????) is staggering and certainly worth the effort.  I have interspersed various novels including Margaret Atwood's incredibly thoughtful and well written, The Penelopiad, The myth of Penelope and Odysseus betwixt and between...but, yes, B beat me by finishing his "book" before me!  I will be done soon and plan to embark on the works of another Mississippi son....William Faulkner.  What could be better as a sultry summer read?

On southern writers who have touched my soul....I have read everything Pat Conroy ever published.  His poetic descriptions of southern families in their excess, eccentricities and madness as well as his obvious passion and devotion to the fecund smells and beauty of the low country always touched home.  Even his announcement of pancreatic cancer gave me inspiration and recognition of a search I've shared...."I celebrated my 70th birthday...and realized that I’ve spent my whole writing life trying to find out who I am and I don’t believe I’ve even come close. It was in Beaufort in sight of a river’s sinuous turn, and the movements of its dolphin-proud tides that I began to discover myself and where my life began at fifteen.  I have recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. With the help of the wonderful people at M.D. Anderson I intend to fight it hard. I am grateful to all my beloved readers, my friends and my family for their prayers. I owe you a novel and I intend to deliver it."

He was most certainly "the prince of tides" and will be greatly missed.  I have used own as well as those of entire try to figure out who I am, what the world is like, where I am going, who I should strive to become.  I've never thought I knew enough about anything to write the stories I would like to tell.  Who knows?  Perhaps, I shall try....

I cook most every day, delicious things that let me travel the world at my table.  I've created so many meals with plans to share them here through "Someone Else's Kitchen!"...but clearly I have not!!!  And now....spring beckons.   B has helped me spread our personally composted compost on our raised beds.  Flowers are springing up just waiting to be admired on walks we call 'yard tours'!  Violas (Specially chosen to match the blue door!!!!) have been planted.  Baseboards and windows have been cleaned.  B repaired a porch ceiling fan.  Yep...we are ready for spring!

I am still enamored of my sewing adventures...even refurbishing some old things:   A jean jacket stolen from B many years ago was becoming frayed and weak in some areas.  A little top stitching to reinforce seams, a patch at the back and some rick rack freshened it right up and should give it several more years of service.

This was a dress, purchased to wear at Fred-o's high school graduation some years ago.  Somehow, it had become frumpy to chop and re-hem to tunic length, sleeves shortened as well, and long back ties changed to a buttoned back belt have given it new life!  Fresh for Spring!!!!  

I don't really have solutions for my time crunch dilemmas!!!   I guess I'll just keep on keeping on....running around like a rat on cram as much living into my life as I can!!!  Happy spring!!!! Love, c


  1. Your life is the story you need only to write it down.

  2. Thank you for your post. I love spring! My crocus are blooming, my tulips, daffodils and alliums have poked their heads through the ground. It is still too cold for me to do some spring cleaning, but I hope see some clean baseboards in a couple weeks. Thank you for your efforts on the Melanoma research and postings, your blog has become a source of knowledge and comfort for me.


  3. I understand ~ so many things I want to do! Just console yourself with the fact that, compared to the rest of us mere mortals, your productivity is in the stratosphere!