Saturday, November 28, 2015

Sew Chaotically! - A line skirt (M3341) and Morris Blazer "vest"

A no-fail a line skirt pattern.

This material is soft as fleece, 100% cotton that washes up beautifully and looks like a rich wool!  Picked it up at Jo-Ann's.

Feeling ok about my pattern matching...

It's not perfect...but, in my defense the material was stretched a little wonky in one area.  The combo, though I doubt she will wear them this way!!!

I used remnants of purple fabric from a previous dress and the left-overs from this skirt to create a Morris vest!!!  Here's some info about Morris they should be:  Spring summer sewing: Lissette passport and Grainline's Morris blazers

Seam binding was used to finish the arm holes.  Have to say it turned out pretty cute!  Sew chaotically!! - c

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  1. That plaid looks so pretty! You did a great job on everything ~ Rosie is a lucky girl!