Tuesday, August 25, 2015

It's not ALL melanoma up in here!!

Sometimes it's the cutest house for the cutest, most hard working girl!!!  Yep!  Roo, got her masters in education while completing a year with a Project Inspire Program teaching at a high need, inner city high school, and got a job teaching Algebra 2, Pre-Cal, and Calculus at a local school this year!  Meanwhile, she saved her pennies.  Got a house.  Fixed it up.  Moved in a couple of weeks ago!  WOW!

Come in and have a seat!

Plan a lesson!

Cook a meal....with curtains made from material courtesy Ruthie, that was pillow covers in various dorms and apartments and is now curtains 'a la a Parisian cafe!

Art from B, and table snagged by a girl with a discerning eye from local biz going out of business, refurbished by the amazing guys at Grain Surgeons furniture repair!

Can you say chairs for Ten Bucks each at the Zillion Mile yard sale?  A little sanding, a little spray paint.....

A cute cover for the rough spots!

Art by Roo.  Gifted quilt.  Curtains left behind by prior owners, cut to size, cute buttons applied, and old throw pillow given a new lease on life!

Bath room tub and tile re-glazed to beauty!  Shower curtain and valance made by me...yes indeed!
Wide Open Spaces
Sorry, Roo.  But, you knew it was coming!!! So very proud of my girl.  So very lucky to get to share this special time with you.  Much love, my dear.  - mommy


  1. This all looks wonderful! Y'all's hard work really paid off!

  2. Roo, you ROCK!!!!! Congratulations!!!!!