Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ipi/Nivo combo... Immunotherapy hitting the big time!

article and video on CNN

Med Page Today...reporting on ASCO statements

All of us hanging around in melanoma world have known this jazz for a while!!! 

Ipi plus nivo vs ipi alone

Ipi/nivo combo in new trial for melanoma brain mets

Info on ipi/nivo combo from ASCO 2014

Weber's 2014 presentation on the combo

Still...glad word is getting out to more of the general universe.  Perhaps such exposure will make those in need more aware of the combination as a treatment option.  Hopefully, public recognition with greater use and demand will facilitate a more rapid FDA approval, increase use of the combo at more facilities, and expedite recognition and treatment of any side effects created.  Hang in there my rattie friends!!!  You give ALL of us soooooo much!!! - c


  1. My husband is still in the Ipi/nivo trial under Dr. Gonzalez and is doing very well. Another scan coming up soon. When does the pre-scan anxiety lesson? Gratitude and hope prevail the back of my mind lurks the fear and uncertainty. The news I most want to hear is overall survival - I think.

  2. So glad the side effects your husband had been having last year about this time became manageable and that he has been doing well. There is some good overall survival data in the ASCO 2014 link and it is good. There will be more to come I'm sure. As far as anxiety related to is a pretty personal thing I guess. Some folks are better equipped to roll with the punches while others act as though life as they know it has ended with a hang nail!!! I figure that, like your husband, I have done the very best I can. I did all that was reasonable and prudent to do. I will remain vigilant and hopeful, but...should bad news come...I will just have to do what I can to deal with that as well. Not easy....but it seems to beat the alternate choices of hysteria, debilitating fear, or being 6 feet under!!! Hang in there. I will be wishing you both well!!

  3. Thanks! You're so right. Each day is a gift and I'll stay focused on that.