Monday, April 27, 2015

On loss, domestic violence, Melissa and Grayden...

A community, an office, multiple families....experienced loss today.  Sadly, I don't mean Nepal and its earthquake.  Though if human losses there number only 4,000 souls, I suspect it will be a miracle.  But, no.  I refer to a loss much smaller.  Much greater.  More frequent.  More horrific.  The loss of women and their children from domestic violence.  A nightmare in life. A tragedy in death.  In retrospect, an event as clear and as relentless as an oncoming hurricane.  Mac Truck.  Earthquake.  A famine.  A plague. Why do we, as a society, allow these men guns?  Why do we fail to take the actions we need to take?  Why do restraining orders require a meeting?  Later?  A separate appointment?  After local authorities have already documented the terrible, most recent event?  When we, and law enforcement, and life, and the administrator of every women's shelter KNOW the tragic, repetitive, relentless result?  Why?

"The real hell of this is that you're going to get through it.  Like a starfish, the heart endures its amputation."  Gail Caldwell, From - Let's Take the Long Way Home

Life is fleeting.  That is all I know.   Make sure those you love know you do.  Melissa and Grayden would agree.   - c

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