Thursday, September 15, 2011

Anti-PD1 is still kicking.... butt!!  HA!  To anyone who was worried that decreased frequency of administration may result in decreased effect....well, if the dimension of the side effects are any indication of the dimension of its power against melanoma....WE ARE GOOD TO GO!!!  I'm still tired.  Did a few projects around the house.  Developed pretty significant lesions on my tongue...shouldn't have tempted fate with the "tongue thing" comment the other day!  And all the itching is up and running.  Now...please understand that I am not complaining really.  It's just that I take my job as a lab rat quite seriously and I figure someday, SOMEBODY, may find importance in when effects happen, what they encompass, and how that rat did in the end.  Maybe not....but this is my attempt to give those answers to those who may find them useful.

Apart from that, Brent is developing a rather complicated theory about why which rats, both human and rodent, develop vitiligo, versus those who do not, and thereby have a more positive outcome in regard to their melanoma.  It has to do with the dendritic cells in the skin, their exposure to the melanoma antigen (either from vaccines or from tumor material itself), and the subsequent triggering of the immune response.  I'm telling you...the man is going to win the Nobel Prize for finding the answer to this mess!!  But bottom line, if he's right...does this mean I should be grateful that I am thin, thereby lacking in significant subcutaneous tissue into which the vaccines should have been injected?  Thankful that vaccine material drifted into my dermis either by chance or poor administration techniques by some of the administrators?  Remember Ruthie's dismay when tons of my "Elmer's Glue" came oozing back out of my injection sites? I can't answer those questions, but I'm betting Bentie will figure it out.  I'll just keep reporting.

In other news...the you tube video highlighting the fact that GLAMOUR magazine has been running ads for cigarettes to its young, female readership has almost 700 views!!!  Thanks to all of you who checked it out!  Would love it, if you could pass it on to others if you haven't already!

If Anti-PD1 is still kicking....then so am I!!!!! - c


  1. Seems like the side effects are lasting even longer than they did when you had the treatments more often!? Weird! I will be glad when Brent figures it out and explains it to me! ;) Sure hope you will be feeling more like yourself soon! I love you!

  2. It is indeed very helpeful!
    Thank you so much!
    Just writing this quick note at this specific post, because you mentioned why you were reporting a side effect, not complaining about it.
    I have been reading your blog for a few weeks now. Intend to read all posts and then,sending you a huge thank you note and, finally, introducing myself!
    Haven't finished yet, but hope to get there soon.
    Here a spoiler of my future note: You are amazing!!