Sunday, April 24, 2011

More pie....well 3/4's at least!!!!

Had another good trip to Tampa with Ruthie. Had fun with each other and people watching. Pretty bad traffic and full flights, so no getting an earlier one on our return...due to the holiday I guess...but amazingly little traffic in Atlanta and on our way home on Friday night. We enjoyed dinner together at the Columbia again...Brent's tostones are still the best!! Had a really nice and skilled nurse! Sticks were done in the most pain-free manner possible! Weber popped in while I was in the office to see the nurse practitioner...he was full of info...though unexpected as he was and as excited about all manner of things as usual, I'm not sure Ruthie and I were able to absorb all the info...but the gist = My rash is indeed due to the drugs and is to be expected. I am apparently less tired and achy than most. The cohort of the trial that I am in has filled its 30 patients and has now begun to enroll the 30 that will be getting the 3mg/kg dose. One person in that cohort has already had to be withdrawn due to inflammation of the optic nerve and partial blindness that seems to have resolved with the discontinuation of the medication and steroids. Weber is really hoping that that was an isolated event otherwise the cohort of 3mg/kg will be stopped and the one for 10mg/kg will never begin. There is also a group of metastatic patients who, as best as I can tell, are getting my exact same treatment of 1mg/kg anti-PD1 and vaccines. 2 of those have remained stable and 2 have shown regression of disease...unfortunately I don't know how many patients are in that group nor how any others are doing. So....I will be seeing Weber on my next visit and will try to make more sense of things then! OH! I did determine that if I remain in the study for the every 3 month infusions of anti-PD1, I will NOT have to return the very next week for leukophoresis! I am very glad of didn't make me feel so good last time. I will have to have it once more at the end of this 3 month session, but that will be the last one!

We had fun at a Chinese restaurant with the Roo! She survived Hell Week at GT, where they, as most other schools, spent last week, administering their last exams, assignments and presentations before finals. This week is study and last classes before finals week which follows. She was a cutie patootie as always and kept us laughing.

Once home, Brent had created a special surprise. There were hanging baskets of petunias for us both and a special pie!!!! It had a perfect label saying: Special Celeste 3/4 pie! You are mostly done! Inside, was indeed, 3/4 of a yummy apple pie! Is Bent the sweetest ever?!!!! Being mostly done is good indeed.

This round of drugs has made my aches return, though not as bad as they have been at some other times. The rash remains as is and my legs are fat and red and hot! But, Brent and I took a little run and walk together and did about in the yard this weekend.

Hope your legs are pale and cool and your pie is mostly done!!! - c

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